Our Research & Development Department


Launching in 2019


As part of our mission to amplify essential stories, and provide equitable access to the voices that tell them, TRT has an R&D Department. We make space for theater-makers from underrepresented groups to experiment, innovate, and present new work.

R&D @ TRT is made up of two programs: our Summer Reading Series and our Guest Company Association.

The R&D @ TRT Summer Reading Series is exactly what it sounds like. All summer, every Monday night we open our space to readings of new works by new voices. Got a script ready for its first reading? We’ll make space. At the end of each summer, we’ll consider all the projects that have been presented and give a favorite or two the opportunity to come back in the fall and produce the piece for public performance.

Summer Reading Series should already have a producer and director (first-time producers and directors welcome) attached to a script and be prepared to operate under an Actors’ Equity Association Staged Reading Agreement or other AEA approved arrangements.

The R&D @ TRT Guest Company Association is a free-form affiliation and membership is designed on a case-by-case basis. Independent theatrical producers, and itinerant theater companies investing in new works by new voices are eligible to contact R&D @ TRT about our Guest Company Association. Have a new work ready for a fully-realized production? We’ve got the place. Are you a company looking for space to develop and experiment while building a community-based script? We’ve got space. Are you working on a new musical and need a place to present readings? Let’s do it.

Joining our Guest Company Association means we make space work for your needs while you work on a specific stage of developing a new work.

Please note, that if during your Guest Company Association you plan to present a production to the public, you should be prepared to operate under an Actors’ Equity Association NYC-Letter of Agreement, Showcase Code or other applicable agreement with AEA. If during a Guest Company Sponsorship you do not plan to hold public performances but you do plan on working with actors, you should be prepared to operate under an Actors’ Equity Association Workshop Agreement or other AEA approved arrangements.


Check back here for an announcement when we start accepting inquiries.


If you want to get started in the meantime, here’s what we’ll want from producers interested in R&D @ TRT:

To request space in our Summer Reading Series answer the following:

  1. Company and/or Producer name

  2. Playwright/composer/lyricist CV

  3. Company/Producer contact information.

  4. Company Production history/Producer CV

  5. Have you produced on an Actors’ Equity Association agreement? Explain.

  6. Directors/stage managers/performers already associated with the piece

  7. Links to any applicable websites/social media

  8. Synopsis of the project

  9. Copy of the script as a PDF

To request Guest Company Affiliation answer the following:

  1. Company and/or Producer name

  2. Company/Producer contact information

  3. Production history/Producer CV

  4. Links to relevant websites/social media

  5. Your artistic mission statement

Second, answer the following questions as succinctly or verbosely as you like:

  1. Why theater?

  2. What types of new voices do you think are most needed in theater? Why?

  3. What is your proudest artistic achievement and why?

  4. What are your plans for your time with an R&D @ TRT Guest Artist Sponsorship?

  5. What’s the worst production disaster you’ve faced and how did you deal with it?

  6. What is most likely to inspire you to produce a new project? Do you tend to start with a finished play? A writer or composer? A director or a choreographer? A story that needs to be told? An ensemble of performers that needs to be seen? Explain.

  7. Have you produced on an Actors’ Equity Association agreement? Explain.

  8. What is the single largest expenditure you’ve ever made while making theater? Why were you willing to invest in this particular budget line item?

  9. TRT was founded on the belief that the arts are a transforming power in peoples’ lives. How does the theater you make transform people?

  10. Describe a project you’re currently working on or developing and explain what R&D @ TRT would make possible for that project.

Lastly, have an artist you have produced or collaborated with write a letter of reference.



we do not accept script submissions direct from playwrights




we encourage first-time producers to submit