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An Intentional

Arts Space


TRT serves New York City as a venue for theatrical, musical, dance, and film presentations―amplifying essential stories, and providing equitable access to the voices that tell them.


Life is more important than art; that's what makes art important.

-James Baldwin

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The historic Riverside Church in Morningside Heights built a theatre on site in 1960. Known then simply as The Theatre at the Riverside Church, the facility was founded upon the belief that the arts are a transforming power in peoples’ lives. We are still dedicated to that fundamental belief.

Research and Development at TRT makes space for performing artists to experiment, innovate, introduce, and take new work to market. R&D @ TRT provides partnerships for producers and itinerant theater companies focused on investing in new stories, new perspectives, and new audiences. 

Our 250 seat theatre is fully equipped and staffed to host all sorts of artistic events. You can rent our space to present your next play, musical, opera, recital, dance concert, orchestral performance, film screening, or whatever new performance art you can imagine